Annual stipend of Rs 10, 000 for 20 years at birth of daughter

विदुर खबर २०७५ असार २५ गते १७:२३

Kalaiya, July 9 (RSS): The Prasauni Rural Municipality has decided to deposit Rs 10,000 annually for 20 years in the name of a newborn girl child if her birth registration certificate was obtained within 35 days of birth.


The village assembly today took the decision to implement ‘Save daughters, educate daughters’ and incentive to lactating mother programme and provide monthly allowance of Rs 1,000 and two packets of iodized salt to pregnant women, shared Rural Municipality Chairperson Bhola Prasad Gupta.
The campaign has been put in place to ease daughters’ access to education, informed Vice-chairperson Geeta Saha.

The assembly has also advised guardians to not get their daughters married before they reach 20 citing that early marriage has become one of major causes behind the death of young women.
Locals have welcomed the decision of the Rural Municipality.